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BNJ Consultants telephone
01827 303888
Out of hours: 07572 634196
Opening times
Monday:8:30am - 4.45pm
Tuesday:8:30am - 4.45pm
Wednesday:8:30am - 4.45pm
Thursday:8:30am - 4.45pm
Friday:8:30am - 4.45pm
Out of hours:call 07572 634196


Calling all hard working candidates;
Are you looking for an agency that puts you first?

We know it takes hard working candidates to maintain our excellent reputation, so we're working equally hard to put you first.

Our clients are always in search of hard working, dedicated individuals, so if this is you please get in touch. At BNJ we offer all our workers:

  • Pay guarantees to ensure prompt and accurate wages
  • Payroll options to reduce taxable pay
  • Free emergency loans should your wages be incorrect
  • Holiday accrual notification so you can plan ahead
  • Online payslips you can access from smart phones etc
  • Free CV advice to keep you one step ahead
  • Plus much more

Over the last 10 years some 80% of the workers we placed in temporary contracts went on to secure permanent jobs with the client

Registering for work with us

If you have been asked to attend an interview at our office you'll need to bring:

  • Original identification (passport or full birth certificate with proof of NI number)
  • Proof of address if possible
  • Certificates to confirm your qualifications (e.g. Fork Truck)

Here are 5 top tips to make your CV stand out and get noticed by your next potential employer:

1. Make sure your CV is readable. The person reading your CV may have seen hundreds before they view yours, so make sure you keep it easy on the eye.

Don't make one sentence last a whole paragraph. Use short sentences to highlight a fact and make use of bullet points for lists.

Don't use obscure or multiple fonts (). Instead settle for one only that's easy to read such as Helvetica or that stands out such as Garamond.

Don't bother with borders and fancy art work. This will only serve to distract the reader from the important facts.

2. Tailor your CV to the job you're applying for. You wouldn't give the same interview for every job you apply for, so why use the exact same CV?

Write down all the skills you have no matter how trivial you think they may be. Then figure out how and when to use them.

Tailor these skills to let the reader know you're right for their job.

3. Don't use a 'scatter gun' approach when sending your CV. Not every job advertised will be right for you, so resist sitting there hitting the 'send' button to every job on the net. Instead try focusing on those jobs that you have the skills for.

Before sending your CV decide if you're qualified or have the required skill set. The advert and job description will usually list these.

When emailing your CV offer a brief introduction statement regarding the vacancy you're applying for. Include a few reasons why you think you're an ideal candidate for the job.

4. Keep your CV fresh and up to date. Make sure your CV accounts for your last 5-10 years minimum (more if available).

Plug those work gaps with accurate explanations such as 'seeking work' or looking after children.

Don't skip previous jobs assuming they are not relevant; they are because the reader wants to know what you were up to.

Follow this advice and give your CV a fighting chance.