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Staffing Evolved

"Staffing Evolved" is a unique tool designed by experienced industry professionals. Its purpose is to enhance the entire recruitment experience for our clients and workers alike. It now features in every placement we make and to date, it's helped us identify and place thousands of temporary and permanent staff throughout the UK.

"Staffing Evolved" works because it addresses both the needs of the client and those of the worker.

Staffing Evolved for the Client

The process sets in place a number of principles that guide us to finding the right people for you.

  • Quickly identifies the skills required to complete the job
  • Sets an agenda to measure and grade those skills
  • Presents key data to justify the suitable candidates
  • Helps to manage the candidate once work begins
  • Offers various ways to reduce your hire costs
  • Presents flexible ways to employ candidates if you so choose

Staffing Evolved for the Candidate

Staffing Evolved works quickly and efficiently to find you the best jobs in your local area.

  • Invites you to interviews only when there is a suitable job on offer
  • Quickly helps to identify your best skills and attributes
  • Helps you to develop new and better interview techniques
  • Puts your details in front of hundreds of clients
  • Only matches you to the type of work you want
  • Offers advice on a range of subjects such as tax and employment

To hear more about how "Staffing Evolved" has worked for our current clients and workers and how it could help you please call or email us now.