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Welcome to BNJ Consultants Ltd where our aim is to consistently deliver: value, respect and the results you desire.

We are an employment agency based in Tamworth, Staffordshire, specialising in the supply of Permanent, Temporary and Contract staff. Our skills lie in finding the 'right workers' for organisations and the 'right job' for people willing to offer that little bit extra.

To our clients and workers we're like a dating agency:

'Employer wishes to meet enthusiastic worker, willing to commit to long term engagement.....'

'Worker recovering from recent redundancy now seeking a new caring boss to offer me that opportunity....'

Industrial Workers - Every day we place workers in vital positions keeping the wheels of industry turning. These range from straight forward non-skilled staff to the less available time served crafters. Visit our 'Staffing Categories' page for more information.

Permanent & Contract Staff - Finding 'the right employee' is becoming increasingly difficult, so let us help. We offer a range of options including; retained, exclusive or contingency led searches, head hunting and overall advice on recruitment planining.
For further information about our Permanent & Contract staffing options please visit 'Staffing Categories'.

Office - If your data needs entering, your numbers need crunching or your phones need answering we can find the staff for you. We regularly recruit from such categories as Sales & Customer Service, Administration and Accounts, so whatever your needs just let us know. For further information about how we recruit, test and place our staff please visit 'Staffing Categories'.

"Staffing Evolved" is our step by step recruitment programme that quickly sources, matches and places workers with clients like you.

But it doesn't end there. Once you receive one of our precisely matched workers "Staffing Evolved" continues to manage the placement in a number of ways. It allows the team to react fast, incentivise the worker and even reduce your charge rates. For more information on how we can enhance your recruitment process please visit our "Staffing Evolved" page.

Here at BNJ we know you work better when a job is right for you. We see it as our responsibility to place you only in those roles that will suit you most.

"You're only as good as the people you hire"

Ray Kroc founder of the McDonalds Empire

Looking for a job that suits your needs and those of your family?

Here at BNJ we know you work better when the job is right for you. With that in mind we see it as our responsibility to place you only in those roles that suit you most.

Before placing you with any of our clients we take great care to establish what your needs and wants are.

From the moment you start work with us you'll see exactly why so many others say we are 'the best agency' they have worked for.

If you're looking for work visit our 'Candidates' page where you will find a wealth of advice and information about working for us and work in general.

Catch up on the latest recruitment news affecting you or find links to organisations that help you find work or offer constructive advice. Just visit our 'News' page where you'll find up to date advice, new legislation and easy to follow 'how to' guides.